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MY Story

I am an award-winning journalist and frequent public speaker whose work has led to appearances on local and national TV and radio, including CNN, FOX, and NPR. Hundreds of people have taken my "Antique Skyscraper Rooftops" guided tour in Pittsburgh.

To write my book, MultiStories, I scoured the country from coast to coast, picking out the most interesting and attractive examples of the world's first skyscrapers. Then I dug into the details of the fascinating people who built them, and assembled a collection of vintage skyscraper postcards and historic images. Finally, I visited the buildings in person, taking photos and videos of their most appealing features to share with audiences.

Skyscrapers are an American invention. Book Mark and take a tour in time. Meet the business tycoons of the Gilded Age and see the legacies they left behind — their skyscrapers.

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